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Dynamic Rental Solutions

Dynamic Rental Solutions supports your compressed air needs during maintenance turnarounds, emergency outages, times of increased production, and during times of CAPEX delays or avoidance. Dynamic Rental Solutions is an industrial utilities rental business focused on air and temperature control rental assets.

Our industry-leading team specializes in creative and flexible solutions for any of your air utilities challenges. Give us a call, or drop us a note, and give us the opportunity to offer you a dynamic solution.

Industries We Serve

Food & Beverage

We offer truly oil-free air solutions that meet food and beverage quality standards.

Production and Manufacturing

We offer compressed air solutions for pneumatic automation in production and manufacturing. We also provide a spectrum of temperature control assets if your process requires extremely dry air.

Petrochem and Refining

We offer large volumes of air (hot or aftercooled), suitable for conveyance, combustion, cracking, agitation, plant air, etc. We can accommodate most pressure requirements.

Municipal Utilities

We offer blowers which can augment or completely accommodate the demands of wastewater treatment facilities.

Pharmaceuticals and R&D

Our oil-free air solutions are perfectly suited for the pharmaceutical industry. If you require pressure or vacuum for research or prototype applications, we can accommodate most pressure requirements and strong vacuum requirements.

Military Applications

We provide blasting air for sub and shipyards, high-pressure air for aircraft carrier usage, and a variety of compact air and temperature control solutions.

Oil, Gas & Mining

We can accommodate remote locations with limited infrastructure and provide air or nitrogen for pipelines, air separation, well blanketing, etc. We can also provide agitation air and exhauster blowers for a variety of gas mixtures.

Other Industries

If your business uses air, we can assist with temporary and long-term infrastructure solutions.

Contact Us

Marki Shedd
(361) 290-0455
Applications Engineer &
Inside Sales

Mark Shedd
(979) 465-7530
CEO & Head of Sales

Corporate Office
11985 Nat Steel
Houston, TX 77041